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Gift sets for any occasion

Choosing a present can sometimes be very difficult. What does or doesn’t suit the occasion and, more importantly, what does the other person like? In opting for a World of ScentChips gift set, you can’t really go wrong. We have various types of ScentGifts that are not only very nice to receive, but also great fun to give. Introduce someone to our heavenly scents by choosing one of our gift sets. The ScentGifts with burner are a good choice if you want to surprise someone who doesn’t use ScentChips themselves yet. Do you want to make someone happy who already has burner at home? We also have gift sets that can be used independently.

Unique ScentGifts

With no fewer than 120 fragrances, we have a highly extensive range of ScentChips. You would nevertheless like to surprise someone with one of our unique gift sets that consist of exciting combinations of fragrances and burners. The special gift packaging makes the gift even more fun to receive. Choose one of the ScentGifts with burner and eight ScentChips, to let someone else discover the enchanting realm of World of ScentChips. Choosing one of our gift sets allows you give a friend, acquaintance or family member the basics with which to get started. They can then proceed to add fragrances that appeal to them, or you might surprise them with a gift of some of your favourite fragrances.

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Gifts are meant to surprise. We therefore devote a great deal of time and creativity to designing our ScentGifts. The gift packaging matches the content perfectly, thereby adding the finishing touch to your gift. Furthermore, as the boxes have one or more cut-outs, it is immediately clear what is inside the packaging. Having received one of these gift sets, you are faced with a difficult decision: to open the packaging and use the product immediately, or proudly put it on show in your home.

Choose the gift for your occasion

Looking for a present for a friend, acquaintance or relative? While our gift sets are highly suitable as a birthday or Christmas present, ScentGifts are always popular for Valentine’s, Father’s or Mother’s Day. Simply choose the gift set that best suits the occasion and recipient. World of ScentChips has an extensive range of gift sets and individual products that you can also give as gifts.