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Customer reviews

Create your own scent and become a fragrance specialist

Creating your own scent to freshen up your home may sound like a complicated job that only a fragrance specialist can do. In practice, however, it has proven quite the opposite. You can actually create your own scent by simply mixing existing fragrances. Experiment the way a true fragrance specialist would, and discover a scent that makes really pleases you. How do you do it? Our ScentChips come in some 120 different fragrances, which allow you to create your own personal composition. Start off by mixing fragrances that appeal to you, and simply adapt your choice if you are not entirely satisfied with the result. Just three ScentChips is sufficient to keep you occupied for eight hours. Our latest blog explains the extensive options available to you in this regard.

Anyone can become a fragrance specialist

Our ScentChips are colourful wax chips that spread heavenly intense fragrances when heated. The process of heating them is carried out using ScentBurners, special fragrance burners that are fired using a simple tea light. Our small ScentBurners need to be filled with at least three ScentChips to work properly, and the larger ones four chips. This implies that you have almost a million possible combinations using the small burner, and can create an astounding 92 million different fragrances in the large burner. And it is this almost infinite range of possible compositions that makes it both appealing and such fun to become a fragrance specialist yourself. Of course, you may also simply opt to use a single scent, as the wax chips exude a heavenly fragrance even if they are not mixed.

How do you combine several fragrances?

To be completely honest, we cannot answer this question for you. Everyone has their own favourite composition, which you simply have to discover for yourself. Countless useful tips are available online, posted by people keen to share their own favourite blend. This is naturally a sound basis on which way to start experimenting yourself. Choose an initial combination that appeals to you, then continue to adapt it until you establish which fragrance best suits you. Or just keep on varying the combination to discover a new fragrance every day. A true fragrance specialist is not really worthy of the title until he or she has actually used all the scents available.

Discover the possibilities available

Would you also like to become a fragrance specialist and create your own scent? In that case, start by mixing your favourite scents to create a wonderful fragrance in your room or entire house. A fragrance burner and at least three wax chips are all you need to get started. Order them from our website or find a retailer close to you. Have you discovered the perfect fragrance? Do not hesitate to let us know about it, as we remain highly curious!