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Colourful, intense fragrance chips

ScentChips are coloured fragrance chips made of wax that spread a heavenly scent when heated in a tea light burner. These are also known as wax chips or wax melts. The colourful wax chips spread a deliciously intense scent. Order your favourite fragrance chips or create your own scent combination in the official ScentChips® webshop. With 120 different fragrances and ScentChips in all colours of the rainbow to choose from, you have the opportunity to not only create any scent you wish, but also to cheer up your room with it. These range from the best-known scents, such as strawberry and pear, to exotic fragrances like Divine Dao and Pina Colada, all of which are available in our webshop.

Various series of ScentChips

ScentChips are available in a range of heavenly fragrances, allowing you can vary to your heart’s content. The fragrance chips are divided into numerous fruit fragrances, perfume fragrances, flowers and floral fragrances, natural fragrances, oriental fragrances and winter fragrances. Provided you place at least three ScentChips in a ScentBurner (wax burner), the fragrance released by the chips will last at least eight hours. The special thing about the ScentChips is that you can readily combine them with one another. Choose three fragrances that appeal to you and put them together in the wax burner. The wax then melts within a few moments, and the various fragrances intermingle. You may also choose to put several ScentChips of the same fragrance in the burner of course. The option of combining fragrance chips offers you complete freedom to create your own composition. Share your favourite combinations with others, and gain inspiration by trying other people’s ideas.

The most appealing fragrances, selected for you

Here in the official ScentChips® webshop, you can buy the complete range of fragrance chips online. Our ScentChips are available in various sizes of boxes. Box S contains 8 ScentChips, box M has 13 ScentChips, box L 26 ScentChips and box XL contains 38 ScentChips. If you order before 14:00 hours on Monday to Friday, your products will be shipped the same day. And provided your order amounts to the minimum value set, it will also be delivered free of charge. Thanks to the cheerful colours of the fragrance wax, you can also use the burner as a decorative item when not melting wax chips. Looking for a great gift for a friend, acquaintance or relative? A selection of our most appealing fragrances is a suitable gift for any occasion.

Compose your own scent

As the ScentChips are available in a range of fragrances that perfectly complement one another, you can combine your favourite wax scents to create a personal and unique blend! With over a million combination options available, you can experiment with our fragrance chips to your heart’s content. Our S-size boxes are great way of getting started. Have you found several scents that you like? The larger sizes contain considerably more fragrance chips and will last quite a while. Enjoy the extensive possibilities our ScentChips have to offer.