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Fragrance oils - ScentOils

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ScentOils for use in oil burners

ScentOils are aromatic fragrance oils that can be used in our ScentLamps, oil burners which spread the fragrance of the oil. They enable you to almost effortlessly spread a heavenly scent in your home. Thanks to the extensive range available, you can find a suitable fragrance oil for any occasion. Discover them all, from our Apple & Cinnamon to the Rose & Cashmere, and choose the fragrance that best suits you.

How ScentOils work

ScentOils are easy to use. The stone in the ScentLamp serves as a catalyst in diffusing the fragrance. Simply light the oil burner and let it burn for about three minutes. Next, blow out the flame and let the heavenly fragrance fill the room. As the stone becomes very hot from the flame, it continues to glow for quite some time. The fragrance oil therefore evaporates, spreading its heavenly fragrance. A 475ml bottle of ScentOil is sufficient to let you enjoy the fragrance for some twenty hours. It is advisable to replace the stone once a year or after 200 hours of use, to vouch for the optimum performance of your ScentOils. Never leave the oil burner unattended when lit, and ensure that it is placed on a stable surface.

A variety of over 70 fragrance oils

ScentOils are available in a range of heavenly fragrances. These are divided into numerous fruit fragrances, perfume fragrances, flowers and floral fragrances, natural fragrances, oriental fragrances and winter fragrances. This extensive range of fragrance oils enables you to vary to your heart’s content. You can use the same ScentLamp for different ScentOils. Remove the wick from the oil and leave it to dry on some kitchen paper for about a day. Or you may prefer to purchase a separate wick for each ScentOil. This is the best means of ensuring that the fragrances are not mixed. The third option is to fill the lamp with our Neutral Note fragrance. Letting it burn for around half an hour is usually sufficient to more or less neutralise the previous fragrance. Incidentally, Neutral Note can also be used to adjust the pungency of any fragrance oil. Add a little of this neutral scent to make the fragrance of your ScentOil a little milder.

Choose the fragrance that suits you

Here in the official Scentchips® webshop, you can buy the complete range of fragrance oil online. ScentOils are available in 475ml and 200ml bottles. Orders placed before 14:00 hours Monday through Friday are dispatched the same day. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our ScentOils. We would be pleased to assist in providing both answers and advice on selecting a heavenly fragrance.