Loose reed diffuser sticks Scentchips®

5 Fragrance sticks for use in fragrance oil.

Article number: 300500
Category: Refills , Black , Gold


Make your home smell heavenly with Scentchips® luxury fragrance sticks.

Do you want to spread a different fragrance with your fragrance sticks?

If so, also use new fragrance sticks. The five wooden fragrance sticks are packaged in a fancy black envelope. The wooden fragrance sticks are black, 35cm long and suitable for use in our fragrance oil.

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Apart from this envelope containing five black fragrance sticks, the following products are also available:

- Fragrance oil refills for our fragrance sticks

- Complete gift sets comprising a glass bottle, fragrance sticks and fragrance oil

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How to use Scentchips® fragrance sticks

Step 1: Open the box and place the glass bottle on a level surface. Step 2: Open the fragrance oil and fill the glass bottle using the funnel. Step 3: Attach the ring to the glass bottle and insert the wooden fragrance sticks supplied in the bottle. Step 4: Regularly turn the fragrance sticks the other way up for an optimal fragrance experience. 

Extra information

Size 3 x 35 x 0 cm
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