ScentChips New Fragrances Box – Storage box 9×16 fragrance chips ScentBoxes

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The ScentChips New Fragrances Box is a collection box (ScentBox) with the 9 newest fragrances, 16 of each fragrance. So a total of 144 delicious fragrance chips! What will be your new favorite? Try them now and get a box with your new favorite gift with your next purchase!

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Delivery time: Ordered before 2 pm, shipped the same day

The New Fragrances Box consists of:

  • Born delicious
  • Cedar lemon
  • Lemon leaf
  • Clean river
  • Oak hazel
  • Orange basil
  • Relax aroma
  • Santal tree
  • White sun

Categorie: Storage boxes - ScentBoxes


The ScentBoxes are handy storage boxes to store your ScentChips. With a ScentBox you can easily seperate the different types of ScentChips.

Extra information

Afmetingen 28 x 26 x 4 cm
EAN 8716516186641