Shining Stars winter gift set 36 scented wax melts Scentchips®

Shining Stars winter gift set 36 fragrance chips

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The Shining Stars winter gift set ScentGift. With 9 different scent chips, 4 of each scent. 
So in total 36 pieces of delicious winter scents! A ScentBox full of scented chips with
delicious winter scents, now especially for the seasons in a beautiful gift box.
Super nice to give as a gift, or to just keep for yourself. Bring him home now!
A beautiful collection box ScentBox. This ScentBox is also a handy storage box to store your
ScentChips (scent chips). With a ScentBox you can easily tell the different types of ScentChips
apart. This Shining Stars winter gift set contains ScentChips in the following delicious scents:
White Fairytale - Touch of Gold - Musk Freshwood - Santal Tree - Shining Stars - Bright Diamond -
Winterwoods - Cinnamon - Dark Myths. Delivery time If you order before 2 p.m. on working days,
you will receive your products the next day.

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Size 14 x 4 x 17 cm
EAN 8716516201641