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ScentBurner in your own style

ScentBurners are wax burners in which ScentChips (fragrance chips made of wax) are heated using a tea light. Some people therefore call them wax burners. ScentBurners are available in countless shapes and sizes, in minimalistic and stylish designs, in the form of a cactus or Buddha, and made of concrete, ceramics, etc. This extensive range of ScentBurners enables you to vary to your heart’s content in matching your interior design. Only when you actually use a wax burner to melt your ScentChips do you discover how snug and cosy our ScentBurners truly are. Even when not in use, they can also aptly complement your interior design. As we have an extensive range of wax burners, you can rest assured of finding at least one that you like.

Unique design of scent burner for any occasion

While the ScentChips provide the heavenly fragrance, it is the ScentBurners that actually steal the show. There is a suitable ScentBurner with its own unique design to suit any interior: from minimalist models to decorated fragrance burners for special occasions. It is advisable to use only tea lights that burn for four hours and are suitable for ceramic wax burners. These small tea lights are the ideal size for Scentchips® wax burners. Never place more than one tea light in the wax burner at a time. Always put at least three ScentChips in the burner.

Stylish wax burners

As we are keen to cater to literally all tastes, our product range comprises a wide variety of wax burners. And we continually expand the range by adding new designs, thus ensuring that even more people can enjoy the appealing looks of a ScentBurner. We therefore have subtle wax burners, which work perfectly while also brightening up your room a little. For the true enthusiasts, however, we have stylish wax burners in exceptional shapes and with intriguing decorations. These range from bright yellow wax burners to ScentBurners in the shape of Buddha. Do you want to use several wax burners throughout your home? In that case, you certainly need not fear that they will appear rather monotonous. As all of our ScentBurners are also available in various colours, you can rest assured of finding a suitable match.

Cleaning the ScentBurner

Has your ScentBurner become soiled? Some parts of the ScentBurners are not fully glazed and can absorb moisture. In that case, simply clean it using a dry cloth. Both the inside and outside can be conveniently cleaned in this manner. Never use water to clean your wax burner, however. Some parts of the ScentBurners are not fully glazed, and could therefore absorb water. In that case, the ScentChips might perhaps spatter when they melt.

Choose the burner that suits you

Here in the official Scentchips® webshop, you can buy the complete range of ScentBurners. ScentBurners are available in various colours and models. Order your favourite model of ScentBurner online straight away. Orders placed before 14:00 hours Monday through Friday are dispatched the same day.