How should I remove the melted wax from a ScentBurner?

Once the ScentChips in your ScentBurner have been used up, you can remove them. Because the ScentChips are made of wax, you first need to learn how to remove them.

Removing the chips

Allow the molten wax to cool down fully first, until it solidifies completely. Next, light the ScentBurner again briefly, until the underside of the residue comes loose. You should then be able to remove the wax from the ScentBurner in one piece, without any need to use a knife or scraper. The remaining traces of wax can be removed using a sheet of kitchen roll. Is the wax used up? In that case, it can also be removed by placing the ScentBurner in the freezer for three to four minutes. The wax will then come loose from the ScentBurner, enabling you to remove it in one piece.

Further information

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