Wax melts nature scents

Discover the enchanting aromas of nature with our Scentchips wax melts. Let them melt in a wax burner and enjoy the lush and intense scents that fill your home. Order your favorite nature scents now!

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Scentchips® Arabian Nights wax melts
Arabian Nights wax melts
Imagine you have been transported to the Arab world and experience the fresh-swe...
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Driftwood wax melts
Driftwood wax melts
A woody fragrance of wood washed ashore, weather-beaten by sun and sand
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Pure Cotton wax melts
Pure Cotton wax melts
A clean fragrance of freshly washed linen, embraced by the flowery fragrance of ...
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Vanilla wax melts
Vanilla wax melts
The distinctive fragrance of sweet vanilla with refined spicy soft tones
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Musk wax melts
Musk wax melts
The scent of musk is described as animalistic, earthy and woody
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Iceberg wax melts
Iceberg wax melts
Remarkable and refreshing, with top notes of lemon, black pepper and nutmeg
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Hammam Inspiration wax melts
Hammam Inspiration wax melts
Experience the relaxing hammam of the Middle East at home with this blend of euc...
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Winter Woods wax melts
Winter Woods wax melts
Spicy scent for Christmas time with notes of pine, cinnamon and strawberry
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® Eucalyptus wax melts
Eucalyptus wax melts
The scent of eucalyptus helps you to unwind and find inner harmony
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® White Ginger Tea wax melts
White Ginger Tea wax melts
A very popular and refreshing fragrance of white tea and ginger
€3,95 €3,26
Scentchips® The Best of Collection gift set 36 scented wax melts
The Best of Collection gift set 36 scented wax melts
Scentchip Giftbox - The Best of Collection
€18,95 €15,66
Scentchips® Citronella wax melts
Citronella wax melts
The famous scent of Citronella
€3,95 €3,26
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Wax melts nature scents

Discover Scentchips wax melts with the most delightful scents from nature and fill your home with heavenly earthy aromas. Our diverse collection offers something for everyone, whether you choose the sweet scent of vanilla or the warm fragrance of musk.

Wax melts in delicious natural scents

Are you looking for a way to envelop your home in the earthy scents of musk or patchouli? Look no further! Our wax melts with natural scents are carefully designed to provide an intense and delightful olfactory experience. Once you place a Scentchips wax melt in a burner and let it melt, a seductive fragrance spreads quickly, enchanting your senses. Whether you're a fan of cinnamon, patchouli, or eucalyptus, our extensive collection has something for everyone.

Bring the scent of nature into your home

At Scentchips, we offer the widest selection of wax melts. We provide a wide range of wax melts with natural scents. Whether you opt for the wintry aroma of Winter Forest or the refreshing scent of white tea, you'll find it all with us.

Discover the magical world of Scentchips wax melts

Transform your home into a fragrant sanctuary of comfort and style with Scentchips wax melts. Our wax melts are not only a delight for your senses but also friendly to your wallet. Unlike expensive scented candles, our wax melts last much longer, allowing you to enjoy the delightful fragrances they emit time and time again.

An ambiance for every occasion

Whether you're looking forward to a cozy evening or want to create a relaxing moment for yourself, our wax melts are the perfect addition for any occasion. Choose from a wide range of scents to create the perfect atmosphere that suits your special moments.

Order your favorite scent today and indulge in the delightful floral perfume in your home with Scentchips!

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