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Surprise someone with a fun Scentchips voucher

With the digital Scentchips voucher you give a unique gift. The gift certificate is sent to the recipient by e-mail in a nice design. Then the recipient can order Scentchips products of their own choice with the credit you choose.

With the Scentchips voucher, you give a unique gift that allows the recipient to order scented products of their choice, with the credit you choose. Order your Scentchips gift voucher here:


Gift vouchers


Who will you give a digital Scentchips gift certificate to?

Looking for a nice birthday gift? Want to thank someone or spoil your girlfriend or mother? Who do you want to let know you are thinking of her? Choose a fun theme that fits the moment. The Scentchips gift certificate will be mailed in the chosen theme.

Quick and easy

Put together your voucher in three steps.

  1. Choose a theme: the email will be sent in this fun or festive design. There is a suitable gift certificate for every moment.
  2. Choose a value: how much credit do you want to give? Choose a standard value or enter a custom amount for the gift card yourself.
  3. E-mail address recipient: who will receive your gift card? Enter the e-mail address you want your gift card to be sent to.

Ideal last-minute gift

Order quickly and pay easily with iDeal. This way, you can arrange the perfect last-minute gift for your recipient in no time. After ordering, the recipient will receive a festive email with the digital gift certificate and the code to use.

With the voucher, the recipient can start shopping immediately!

Does the choice fall on a complete gift set with fragrance chips and wax burner? Or perhaps a stylish oil burner and fragrance oil in her favorite scent? Or ... rather a scented candle or scented bags? The choice of scents and fragrance diffusers is huge at Scentchips!

Who are you going to give a Scentchips voucher to?

Order a nice Scentchips voucher now.


Gift vouchers


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