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A four inch flame coming from my ScentLamp

The ScentLamp oil burner does not work on the basis of a continuous flame, but rather by briefly lighting the stone in it. The stone warms up first and absorbs oil from the reservoir, which then disperses the fragrance. Given that you have to place a naked flame in contact with oil, it is advisable to pay due care and attention whenever you light the lamp.

Take precautions

In short: Yes, it is normal that the ScentLamp emits a ten-centimetre flame. This is the reason that precautions need to be taken. Do not leave the ScentLamp near highly flammable materials therefore, and take additional care whenever there are children and/or pets around. Once the flame has blown out, your ScentLamp no longer poses any fire hazard.

Purchasing a new oil burner

During the course of time, the oil runs out and the ScentLamp becomes worn out. As the ScentLamp lasts an average of one year (about 200 hours of use), however, you do not need to replace it very often. Do you nevertheless want new oil or a new oil burner? Both are readily available from either our webshop or one of the various points of sale in your area.

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