Are ScentChips and the associated items safe?

Given that ScentChips fragrance chips are both manufactured using a naked flame and melted in special ScentBurners wax burners, it is essential to vouch for the safety of the product. We can therefore assure you that ScentChips and the associated items are safe. When it comes to the safety of the consumer, those they live with and/or their pets, we take no risk whatsoever.

Useful information

Do you wish to use our ScentChips in a safe manner? If so, then bear the following points in mind:

  • Place at least three ScentChips in the ScentBurner
  • Place the ScentBurner on an uncluttered flat surface.
  • Do not move the burner while it contains liquid wax
  • Never leave lit candles or melted chips unattended
  • Only use tea lights that are suitable for ceramic burners
  • Never allow the wax or ScentBurner to come into contact with water
  • Use only a ScentBurner for melting ScentChips
  • Neither suitable for consumption nor application to the skin
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Further information

Do you require further information about a particular product? Or have you any further questions? If so, simply contact customer service or visit one of our points of sale to pose your question.