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Are the ScentChips entirely consumed?

Our ScentChips fragrance chips should be placed in a special burner, which is then lit. These burners are available in various sizes. The size of the burner determines how many fragrance chips can be melted simultaneously, and therefore also the pungency of the fragrance throughout the house. The chips remain fragrant for several hours on average. However, they are not consumed entirely.

Used up fragrance chips

A little residue is always left behind in the burner in practice. This residue can be removed by first letting the molten wax solidify completely. Next, light the ScentBurner wax burner again briefly, until the underside of the residue comes loose. The remaining traces of wax can be removed using a sheet of kitchen roll. The ScentBurner can then be filled with new ScentChips. Once the wax has lost its fragrance, it can also be removed by placing the ScentBurner in the freezer for three to four minutes. The wax will then come loose from the ScentBurner, enabling you to remove it in one piece.

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