Can I also sell Scentchips® products in my own shop?

Scentchips® products are highly popular. Regardless of whether you are looking for a ScentLamp or ScentChips: you are bound to find a fragrance diffuser that suits you or your particular interior. Even if you are an entrepreneur with your own shop, you also have the option of selling our products. Furthermore, we offer the options of opening your own Scentchips® shop or Scentchips® shop-in-shop. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss the possibilities. We can then jointly compose a suitable range for the sale of Scentchips in your shop!

Further information about our products

Please consult our website first, for further information about the various products that our range comprises. Have you any remaining questions? In that case, you are also welcome to contact us directly, or consult the frequently asked questions.