Can the ScentLamp be left lit for lengthy periods?

The ScentLamp oil burner is the means of burning your ScentOil fragrance oil. It is nevertheless important that you are familiar with the way the ScentLamp works before you proceed to burn oil. After all, the length of time the ScentLamp should be lit depends on the space in which it is placed. A ScentLamp should be used for an average of 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

An extensive variety

There are both an extensive variety and various forms of Scentchips® fragrances. Are you getting a little tired of your current fragrance? In that case, you can conveniently order a different one from our webshop. You can ensure that the fragrance in your home is always a pleasant, yet different, by regularly changing your scent. Take care to avoid mixing ScentOils fragrance, however.  

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