Do I need to take precautions when using ScentOils?

Using ScentOils is safe and does not call for any particular knowledge of equipment or suchlike. We nevertheless recommend that you always take certain precautions when using ScentOils. This page examines the measures in question, which enable you and those around you to safely enjoy our ScentOils.

What should I bear in mind?

Closely follow the instructions for use of the ScentLamp and ScentOil when using the products. Please note: the ScentOil is highly flammable!

  • Never leave the bottle of ScentOil next to the ScentLamp when lighting the lamp.

  • Never leave the bottle of ScentOil near a heat source.

  • Do not leave the ScentLamp close to other highly flammable materials.

  • Always close the ScentOil bottle properly after use to prevent the alcohol in the oil from evaporating.

Caution: The top of the ScentLamp becomes very hot during use. Hold the ScentLamp by the base when extinguishing it therefore.

Do not ingest the ScentOil. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label.

Further information

Our webshop contains further information on the individual products available. Have you any further questions about particular characteristics? If so, ask our customer service department or visit one of the numerous points of sale.