How does the ScentLamp work?

In addition to our ScentBurners, we also supply the ScentLamp. The ScentLamp is an oil lamp that spreads a pleasant fragrance throughout your room. Similarly to our ScentChips, this oil burner is available in various models, colours and shapes. You can choose any scent of fragrance oil from our range, either online or at a point of sale.

How the ScentLamp works

Because the stone is porous, it absorbs the ScentOil. A thin layer of oil therefore remains on the surface of the stone. When the ScentLamp is lit, the stone becomes very hot. Even after the flame is blown out, the stone continues to radiate heat. The oil then evaporates, causing the ScentLamp to spread the fragrance of the ScentOil. The fragrance of the oil is spread in a pleasant manner, and is too pungent or overpowering.

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