How long do ScentChips remain fragrant?

Scentchips fragrance chips should be melted in a ScentBurner. These can be conveniently ordered from our website. The pungency of the fragrance and length of time that it lingers depends very much on the quantity of ScentChips you use. Provided you place at least three ScentChips in the ScentBurner (wax burner), the fragrance released by the chips will last at least eight hours.

Types of ScentBurners

ScentBurners are also available in various sizes. Our range comprises both large and small ScentBurners. Purchasing a larger burner, which can naturally melt a larger number of chips simultaneously, will therefore enable you to both increase the pungency of the fragrance and extend the length of time that it lingers.

Conveniently ordered, even as a gift!

ScentChips can be conveniently purchased from our webshop for delivery to your home. However, we also offer you the option of composing your own gift package containing ScentChips. A unique gift, suitable for any occasion.

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