How long can I continue to use the stone in my ScentLamp?

The purchase of a ScentLamp equips your home with a unique fragrance diffuser. The ScentLamp can be used all year round, while it is also quite durable. You can basically ensure that it continues to work properly by replacing both the stone and wick once a year. Do you use your ScentLamp a lot? In that case, change the stone and wick after about 200 hours of use.

The ScentLamp: A durable means of enjoying fragrances

In addition to our range of ScentChips, wax chips that are melted by lighting a tea light beneath them, we can now also supply the ScentLamp. This lamp is specially designed to spread a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance day in and day out. Have you run out of fragrance oil? In that case, simply order more from either our webshop or one of the various points of sale.

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