How should I use the ScentChips?

ScentChips fragrance chips are quite easy to use. You certainly do not have to follow any complicated instructions for use. However, it is well worthwhile familiarising yourself with the way they work before proceeding to use the ScentChips.

Using the ScentChips

Choose at least three ScentChips, the range of which enables you to vary to your heart’s content. View the extensive range of scents on this site to gain inspiration for your own heavenly fragrance compositions. Place the ScentChips in the top of a Scentchips® ScentBurner wax burner. Place the ScentBurner on an uncluttered flat surface. Light the tea light in the base of the ScentBurner. Only use tea lights that are suitable for ceramic burners in the ScentBurner.

Attention: Never place more than one tea light in the burner at a time. Ready? Now, enjoy the heavenly fragrance that the ScentChips spread when they melt!

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