How should you clean a ScentBurner?

ScentChips fragrance chips are made of a special kind of wax. Once they are used up, residue is left behind in the ScentBurner wax burner. No need to worry though: it can be easily cleaned. This page explains the best way of doing so.

Cleaning is half the battle

Use only a dry cloth to clean both the inside and outside of the Burner. Never use water: do not clean the Burner in soapy water or in the dishwasher. Some parts of the burners are not fully glazed, and could therefore absorb water. If a burner does absorb water, then there is a risk that the ScentChips may spatter when they melt.

Ordering our ScentChips

Have you run out of ScentChips? In that case, you can order more in a jiffy. Take a look at our assortment in the webshop or order your favourite ScentChips at one of the numerous points of sale.