Is a ScentLamp supplied complete with all the items required?

Our ScentLamp comprises various components. These are quite easy to assemble. If you order a ScentLamp from our webshop or one of the points of sale, then it is supplied complete with all the items required. The components in question are the cap, decorative cap, funnel and wick with stone, which is used to burn the fragrance oil.

A unique fragrance using our ScentOil

The special ScentLamp can basically be used to burn any ScentOil fragrance oil from our range. You have a highly extensive choice of fragrances. These range from sweet, through fresh to natural fragrances. You can order one or more ScentOils from our webshop for convenient delivery to your home.

Further information

Our website contains further information. Have you any further questions? If so, simply pose them by completing the contact form. Our products are also available from the numerous points of sale.