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I left my ScentLamp lit for too long. Can I clean the wick?

If the ScentLamp oil burner is left lit for too long, the stone becomes saturated with ScentOil fragrance oil. You can clean the wick by leaving it soak in a sealed jar of pure alcohol (available from chemists) for 24 hours. Is the stone still not clean afterwards? The wick is probably worn out in that case. We would advise you to buy a new wick.

Unlimited enjoyment of fragrances

The ScentLamp is a convenient means of spread a unique scent throughout your room(s). Furthermore, the convenience of Scentchips® ScentOils enables you to enjoy a unique fragrance. Simply purchase one or more ScentOils to continually enjoy a pleasant fragrance, tailored to your needs and preferences.

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Both our ScentOils and ScentLamps can be conveniently ordered from the webshop. We also vouch for swift delivery to your home. Have you any further questions? If so, you can pose them by completing the contact form or visiting one of our points of sale.

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