Which tea lights are suitable for use in my ScentBurner?

To use the ScentChips fragrance chips, you need to put them in a ScentBurner wax burner, then light a wax light or tea light beneath it. Most of the ScentBurners in our range are designed for use with a standard tea light. To make the most of the fragrance of our ScentChips, use tea lights that burn for four hours and are suitable for ceramic burners. These small tea lights are the ideal size for ScentChips burners. Never place more than one tea light in the burner at a time, and check the flame at regular intervals. To avoid hazardous situations, always extinguish the tea light before leaving the room or your home for any length of time.

Experiencing our ScentChips for yourself

Are you interested in experiencing the unique fragrance of our ScentChips for yourself? If so, then simply order one or more ScentChips from our website. If you prefer not to make online purchases, then you can also buy ScentChips® products from one of the numerous points of sale.