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There is an odourless flame in my ScentLamp

The ScentLamp oil burner from our range works on the basis of fire and oil. You therefore have to keep a close eye on it, particularly if there are small children or pets present. Never place the ScentLamp close to them or in places they can reach. To use the ScentLamp, you need to light the stone in it (once it has absorbed the ScentOil fragrance oil). Take care, however, with the naked flame when lighting it.

Is the flame continuing to burn? Put it out in that case.

The stone need only be lit in order to heat it up sufficiently to spread the oil. Attention: The ScentLamp does not start to emit its fragrance until the flame has been extinguished. Blow out the flame after 3 minutes therefore. If the flame continues to burn, keep blowing until it goes out.

Purchasing new oil

During the course of time, the oil runs out and the stone in the ScentLamp is no longer sufficiently absorbent to spread the fragrance. At this stage, you need to replace both the lamp and the oil.

Please note: A ScentLamp lasts an average of 200 hours of use to one year. You do not need to replace it until it is really worn out.

When the time comes, you can conveniently order a new ScentLamp and ScentOils to burn in it from either our webshop or one of the numerous points of sale. Our products are available throughout the length and breadth of Europe!

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