What are ScentStickBurners?

Similarly to ScentOils fragrance oil and ScentChips fragrance chips, our ScentSticks also have to be used in a special burner, which enables you to safely spread a heavenly fragrance throughout your room. It is therefore advisable to use our ScentSticks solely together with the ScentStickBurner sticks burner designed specifically for this purpose.


A ScentStickBurner is a burner in which a lit tea light is placed, to melt ScentSticks and spread a heavenly fragrance throughout your home. Several versions and models of the special ScentStickBurners are available. They are manufactured using sustainable and high quality materials that are highly resistant to heat. The majority of our ScentStickBurners are made of earthenware. 

Purchasing ScentStickBurners

ScentStickBurners can also be conveniently ordered from our webshop. Would you prefer to examine our products personally first? If so, then simply visit one of the numerous Scentchips® products points of sale. These can be found throughout Europe!