Refill Reed diffusers Pure Cotton Scentchips®

Refill Reed diffusers Pure Cotton

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Make your home smell heavenly with Scentchips® luxury fragrance sticks. At just 12,95, this 400ml Pure Cotton fragrance oil refill enables you to enjoy a heavenly fragrance. Nothing smells better than freshly laundered bedclothes, right? Now, you can enjoy the smell of clean laundry all day long, thanks to this blend of cotton blossom, white flowers and musk.

Please note: This is a refill.

For a complete set comprising a glass bottle, wooden fragrance sticks and this heavenly fragrance, please visit our gift sets page.

How to use Scentchips® fragrance sticks

Step 1: Open the box and place the glass bottle on a level surface. Step 2: Open the fragrance oil and fill the glass bottle using the funnel. Step 3: Attach the ring to the glass bottle and insert the wooden fragrance sticks supplied in the bottle. Step 4: Regularly turn the fragrance sticks the other way up for an optimal fragrance experience.

Extra information

Size 6 x 19 x 6 cm
EAN 8716516198583