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Fragrance and scent marketing for in a hotel


In the world of hospitality, creating an unforgettable guest experience is paramount. To achieve this, hotels strive to stimulate all the senses, from visually mesmerising designs to delicious culinary delights. However, one element that is often overlooked is the power of scent. Thoughtfully placed fragrance products from Scentchips can take guests' stay to the next level and leave a lasting impression.

Why Scentchips scented products in your hotel?

Scentchips is the supplier of the best fragrance products on the market, which also last the longest. With an extensive range, Scentchips offers an unrivalled selection of finest fragrances that meet the highest quality standards. Whether it is the luxury of perfume scents, the freshness of flowers or the exotic fragrance of oriental, Scentchips has something for everyone. From fragrance oils to fragrance sticks and fragrance chips to diffusers. We have a suitable solution for every room.


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Scentchips fragrances create a welcoming atmosphere in hotels

Fragrances have incredible power to set the tone and create a welcoming atmosphere upon entering a hotel. Strategically placing scented products in the lobby and reception areas can make a lasting impression on guests, evoking a sense of luxury, comfort or relaxation. A carefully chosen scent can transport guests, making them feel instantly at ease and eager to begin their hotel experience. Scentchips has beautiful and stylish perfume scents in its range for this purpose.

Delicious fragrances for bar or restaurant

Communal areas such as lounges, bars and restaurants can benefit immensely from the use of fragrance products. These spaces often act as meeting places for guests, providing an opportunity to enhance their overall experience. A well-chosen fragrance can help create a distinctive identity for the hotel, contributing to its characteristics and brand image. For example, a scent inspired by tropical environments can create a sense of paradise in a beach hotel, while a warm and woody scent can create a cosy ambience in a mountain resort.

Scentchips fragrances also possible in guest rooms

Guest rooms are the private sanctuaries for hotel guests, where they seek relaxation and comfort. Introducing fragrance products in guest rooms can add an extra touch of luxury and create a personalised experience. However, it is essential to handle this with caution, as individual preferences vary. Instead of strongly perfuming the room, hotels can use scented products subtly, for instance in the form of scented bags in cupboards or scented candles, scented sticks or scented chips. Guests can then decide how much of the scent they want. These scented products can be placed on sideboards, bedside tables or in the bathroom, giving guests a pleasant scented experience.

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