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Fragrance experience and scent marketing for in a theatre, cinema or event


The application of fragrance products in theatres, cinemas and event halls has the potential to significantly enhance the overall experience of visitors. Smell is a powerful sense that can have a profound effect on our emotions and state of mind. Through strategically placed scents, these spaces can not only smell more pleasant, but also create an increased sense of comfort and well-being among the audience.

Why Scentchips scent products in your theatre, cinema or event hall?

Scentchips is the supplier of the best scent products on the market, which also last the longest. With an extensive range, Scentchips offers an unrivalled selection of finest fragrances that meet the highest quality standards. Whether it is the luxury of perfume scents, the freshness of flowers or the exotic fragrance of oriental, Scentchips has something for everyone. From fragrance oils to fragrance sticks and fragrance chips to diffusers. We have a suitable solution for every room.


Good mood among audience through fragrance products

Upon entering a theatre, cinema or event hall, the audience is immediately immersed in a unique atmosphere. Applying fragrances upon entry can leave a strong first impression and instantly create a certain mood or expectation. For example, a whiff of fresh floral fragrance can create a sense of joy and excitement, while a subtle woody scent can create a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Through this strategic use of fragrances, visitors can be put in the right mood even before the event starts.

Subtle addition during a show, film or event

During the performance itself, it is essential that the scent is not perceived as disturbing, but rather as a subtle addition to the overall experience. Subtle scents dispersed at strategic points in the venue can stimulate the senses of visitors without distracting from the performance. For example, a light hint of vanilla can calm the senses and promote a sense of relaxation, while a touch of citrus can increase alertness and improve concentration. These subtly applied scents can enrich the overall experience and keep the audience more engaged and intrigued throughout the performance.

Relaxing at the break

The break venue is a crucial time for visitors to relax and recharge for the rest of the event. Applying comforting and invigorating scents to this spot can enhance visitors' experience and help them maintain the right state of mind for the rest of the programme. For example, the smell of freshly brewed coffee can evoke a sense of warmth and cosiness, while a touch of mint can offer a refreshing sensation and stimulate the senses.


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Fresh rooms with Scentchips scents

Apart from the venue itself, the bar and washrooms are also essential areas where the use of scented products is of great importance. A pleasant-smelling bar can promote social interaction and relaxation, while a fresh-smelling washroom enhances the sense of hygiene and comfort. It is crucial that these areas maintain a clean and inviting scent to optimise the overall visitor experience.

Overall experience

The strategic use of fragrance products in theatres, cinemas and event halls has the potential to significantly enhance the overall experience of visitors. By creating a pleasant and stimulating environment, scents can positively influence mood and offer a sense of comfort and well-being to audiences. It is a subtle but powerful way to enrich the overall experience of an event and reinforce memories of a special evening at the theatre, cinema or event hall.

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