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Scent marketing has been around for quite a while, as studies have shown that it has a positive effect on customers’ shopping experience. This is also the reason that a pleasant fragrance in the office is now so popular. Introducing the right fragrance to a space in an appropriate manner both makes people feel better and improves their performance. Creating a fragrance experience in the office is therefore a suitable solution. However, it is important that you establish which fragrance works for you and your employees and the best means of spreading it.

The advantage of a pleasant fragrance in the office

Unpleasant odours in the office may arise for numerous reasons. They make it harder to concentrate. In a workplace where focus and performance are vital, this is the last thing you want. By spreading a pleasant fragrance throughout your premises, you can create a positive workplace and atmosphere, in which staff are less likely to fall ill and more inclined to enjoy their jobs. Spreading appropriate fragrances in the office therefore makes people more efficient. A pleasant feeling at work helps improve one’s performance.

Means of fragrance diffusion in the office

Pleasant fragrances can be spread in an office in various ways. There are special fragrance machines that spread a heavenly scent in your office throughout the day. These are relatively small and can be placed in almost any spot in the office. The fragrances you choose are dispersed throughout the premises by means of the electric machine. You set the intervals between scenting as you choose. 


However, you may prefer to use fragrance candles, chips or sticks in your office. These are even smaller than a fragrance machine. If the premises in question are a large space or office building, however, then we would basically always recommend the purchase of fragrance machine and suitable scents. This is not only a lot safer, but also a far more convenient means of spreading fragrance throughout a large area. 

Take out a subscription

Have you found a fragrance that suits your office, culture and identity? Scentchips® also offers a special ScentMoods subscription for your fragrances. You will then receive your favourite oil for a fixed monthly fee. The economical subscription means you can rest assured of never running out of your favourite fragrance. The subscriptions are preceded by a trial period, which offers you ample opportunity to choose a fragrance that appeals to you and experience the effects. Would you like to find out more about this service? Please contact us in that case.

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