Conveniently mask unpleasant household smells

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Masking unpleasant odours in your home can often pose a considerable challenge. Whether it involves beef fondue with the whole family, washing the team football kit, fried onions, a wet dog, preparing prawns in garlic or the lingering pongs in the aftermath of a party, comprising cigarette smoke, food smells or other unpleasant odours. Bad smells waft about the house every now and then, and they can prove difficult to shift. Fortunately, there are ample means of conveniently masking unpleasant household smells nowadays. After all, everyone wants their home to smell fresh and clean. This article provides a number of handy tips to help rid your home of unpleasant odours.

Ventilate regularly

The first and simplest tip we can give you to remove unpleasant odours is to air your home regularly. Simply opening windows and doors is already half the battle. Regrettably, most places in Europe end up in the throes of winter at some stage. While regularly airing your home is essential, that doesn’t mean you need to do it when it’s -5 outside or raining cats and dogs, just to get rid of those nasty smells. Fortunately, there are other solutions. 

Vinegar and citrus fruits help mask bad smells

Vinegar is an absolute godsend when it comes to masking odours. It simply absorbs them, as it were. Just set a bowl of vinegar in the room where you are most bothered by smells, therefore, and you will be rid of them within 24 hours. Citrus fruits are also a useful tip. Heat a pan of water on the hob, then add the grated peel of a few citrus fruits. You might also prefer to add a cinnamon stick and cloves in winter. As the water simmers, it fills your home with a delightful fragrance!

Use fragrance candles, chips or oil

The use of fragrance candles or fragrance chips, basically enables you to kill two birds with one stone. Not only does your home smell nicer as unpleasant smells vanish, but these home accessories are also decorative and attractive in the house. Scentchips® fragrance candles are highly effective when it comes to masking and neutralising unpleasant odours. Furthermore, the range of fragrances available enables you to compose your own fragrance creations. Your home always smells good therefore.

Besides fragrance candles and chips, fragrance oils are also available. These are fragrances that are spread by means of oil. Scentchips® has no fewer than 86 different oil fragrances. You can therefore be sure that there is a fragrance to suit any taste. 

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