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Care facilities


In the care sector, creating a pleasant environment for residents and employees is an essential aspect of providing high-quality care. Beyond standard practices and amenities, there is growing recognition of the impact of scent on the overall atmosphere and well-being in residential groups and care facilities. The use of fragrance products in these environments has proven to be a valuable tool in promoting a calming, attractive and comfortable environment for both residents and staff.

Why Scentchips fragrance products in your residential group or care facility?

Scentchips is the supplier of the best scent products on the market, which also last the longest. With an extensive range, Scentchips offers an unrivalled selection of finest fragrances that meet the highest quality standards. Whether it is the luxury of perfume scents, the freshness of flowers or the exotic fragrance of oriental, Scentchips has something for everyone. From fragrance oils to fragrance sticks and fragrance chips to diffusers. We have a suitable solution for every room.


Welcome feeling in care facility or residential group

Fragrance products play a role in transforming the atmosphere of care facilities and residential groups. Upon entering, pleasant and reassuring fragrances immediately give visitors and residents a feeling of welcome and warmth. The scent of fresh flowers, a hint of lemongrass or a touch of lavender can create a positive first impression and set the tone for a pleasant experience. This can help reduce any tension or anxiety that visitors or new residents may experience on arrival.

Connection between residents and staff

Common areas in care facilities and residential groups are often the centre of social interaction and sense of community. The use of fragrance diffusers can create a pleasant atmosphere that can encourage interaction and connection between residents and staff. Choosing a scent that promotes relaxation and well-being, such as vanilla or jasmine, can promote a sense of comfort and security, making residents feel more at ease and better able to cope with the challenges of everyday life.


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Fragrance in communal lunch areas

In addition, scented products play an important role in promoting a healthy appetite and a positive dining experience in lunch areas. Pleasant scents such as freshly baked bread, herbs or fruit can stimulate the senses and whet residents' appetites. This not only contributes to better nutritional intake, but can also create a sense of homeliness and comfort, which is especially important for residents struggling to transition to a care facility.

Creating comfort

Apart from communal areas, fragrance products also play an important role in maintaining a fresh and pleasant environment in washrooms. By using fragrance diffusers, unpleasant odours can be minimised, maintaining a hygienic and attractive environment. This is not only crucial for maintaining good hygiene, but also contributes to the overall comfort and well-being of residents and staff who use these areas frequently.

The use of fragrance products in various rooms in residential groups and care facilities helps create an atmosphere that promotes care and comfort. These fragrances are carefully selected to promote a sense of familiarity, relaxation and well-being, making residents and staff feel more at ease in this environment.

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