Sense Terrazzo oil diffuser Scentchips®

The oil diffusers from Scentchips® are extremely suitable for spreading a wonderful scent in the house, they also contribute to the humidity. The diffusers have lighting that can be set in different colors.

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Category: Mist diffusers

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The oil diffusers can be used in combination with our mist diffusing perfumes, special scented oil for our oil diffusers, to spread scent in the house.

Fill the basin with water and add a few drops of perfume. Enjoy the scents of Scentchips®.

The Sense Terrazzo model has 4 possible settings for the duration of the diffusion:
- 0,5 hours
- 1 hour
- 2 hours
- 3 hours

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Extra information

Size 9 x 15 x 9 cm
EAN 8716516198873