Creating a fragrance in my shop?

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The customer experience: the overall impression that your company, brand or product makes on the customer. It extends from visiting your website to paying at the cash register in the physical shop, and from watching a TV commercial to calling customer service to deal with a complaint or question. As a retailer, you devote a lot of time and energy to improving your brand image. You have therefore considered every associated aspect, or haven’t you? People often fail to take the smell of a shop into account in their efforts to achieve the envisaged customer experience. And yet fragrances have a quite considerable influence on consumer behaviour. A fresh fragrance in the shop or a recognizable one that is in keeping with the style of your brand is an excellent means of catering to your customers’ needs.

A delightful fragrance experience in your shop

Creating a delightful fragrance experience may sound challenging, but it isn’t really. In a small shop, a consumer product may prove adequate in lending the smell of your premises a little more character. Check out our fragrance sticks or oil burners to gain a better impression of the options available to improve the atmosphere in your shop. However, our range also comprises fragrance machines for larger shops or companies who really want to take the fragrance experience to the next level. These machines spread calibrated quantities of fragrance throughout the day.

Get it right the first time

Our fragrance machines use scented oil. Choose a fragrance that matches the interior of your shop and the fragrance experience you want to create. Bottles of fragrance oil for the ScentMoods machine are available separately from our webshop. We advise shops that make more extensive use of the fragrance machine to take out a ScentMood subscription. This implies that you receive oil each month for a fixed sum. Subscription holders pay a lot less than one would when ordering individual bottles, while they are assured of an adequate supply of oil for their machine.

Which fragrance best suits your business?

The heavenly fragrances contained in our range are now also available for use in our fragrance machines. This assures you of invariably finding a fragrance that suits your taste and preference. The fragrance machines are suitable for any type of shop, office or home. ScentMoods can also be ordered without a subscription. Opt for our sample box containing 10 fragrance samples to establish which fragrance suits your shop best.

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