Effects of fragrance on your shopping experience

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Fragrance has been proven to have a huge influence on one’s shopping experience. As one of our most powerful senses, smell has a huge subconscious effect on us. In fact, our sense of smell is the only one directly connected to the part of our brain that regulates emotions such as enjoyment, pleasure, happiness and appreciation. You can therefore use fragrance to manipulate your customers, by offering them an experience that is either consciously or subconsciously positive. This blog examines more closely the effect of fragrance on one’s shopping experience, and how our products can assist in this regard.

Finding the right fragrance for your shop

Did you know that 75% of our emotions are governed by the sense of smell? Finding a scent that is pleasant to customers can therefore have a considerable impact on your business performance. If customers like the smell of your shop, it increases the chances that they will stay longer, spend more and come again. You can evoke emotions with fragrance. It is therefore essential to create a fragrance that evokes the appropriate emotions whenever customers visit your shop. 

The various effects of fragrance on your shopping experience

A vast range of fragrances is available nowadays. Certain ones arouse particular emotions in us. We have made the connection between a few fragrance blends and their effects on emotions below:


- White tea, apple, citrus: sharp and invigorating
- Cherry blossom, sandalwood, redcurrant: passionate and sensual
- Herbal blend, lemongrass, lavender: relaxing
- Warm bread, apple tart, coffee: happiness and nostalgia
- Winter spices, wood, apple: comfort and kindness
- White blossom, rose garden, fig: timeless
- Bamboo, amber, white musk: luxury 

Create an unforgettable experience

It is therefore important to choose the fragrance that suits both your business and target group. Can you succeed in doing so? In that case, your customers will truly experience the fragrance. Diffusing the fragrance of fresh bread can help supermarkets treble their turnover, while a pleasant vanilla fragrance proved effective in doubling the turnover of the ladies wear section of a department store. Fragrance has a greater effect than we ever imagined. 


Furthermore, stimulating multiple senses of your clientele has an even greater effect. What about combining a complex fragrance such as bamboo with contemporary music? Research has shown that customers are inclined to make a more favourable assessment of the prices and quality of your products than they would without the music or fragrance. The combination enhances the positive shopping experience.

Enhance the shopping experience with Scentchips® products

Are you keen to improve your customers’ shopping experience? Scentchips® has special fragrance machines that are highly suitable for scenting larger spaces such as retail premises. We offer a wide range of fragrances that can evoke different emotions. Choose the scent that suits you, then take out a ScentMoods subscription straight away. That way, you will never have to go without your favourite fragrance again. 

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