Freshen your room with fragrance from an oil lamp

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The significance of fragrances and the influence they have on our daily lives, as well as our working lives, has steadily increased in recent years. In our range, you will find a large number of fragrances, suitable for every type of home. It also comprises several forms of fragrance diffusers. These vary from simple, effective fragrance sticks to special fragrance burners or fragrance diffusers. Our fragrance oils (ScentOils) and corresponding oil burners or ScentLamps spread a delightful fragrance in the living room and other rooms. Familiarise yourself with this means of spreading fragrance straight away by reading on.

Always a fresh room

A house that smells fresh and pleasant is important for pleasant living. Particularly in the living room, where you often spend time together as a family. Spraying a standard air freshener once in a while can help to dispel unpleasant odours. These include smells like burnt food or the odour of your wet dog or cat taking a nap in the living room. However, the fragrance of an air freshener is both standard and doesn’t really linger long in your room. A truly fresh living room therefore calls for a different approach. Fragrance oil and a ScentLamp are a much better option. The fragrance oil remains active for over three hours, exuding a unique fragrance to match your decor or lifestyle. 

How does the fragrance oil from an oil lamp work?

Our oil lamps operate in a simple way. They are small glass vessels containing a stone and wick soaked in fragrance oil. You simply light the wick and let it burn for about three minutes. Then blow out the flame, and the fragrance of the oil will continue to spread as long as the stone stays warm. A single 457ml bottle of ScentOil will last you twenty hours. 

Up to 80 fragrance oils to choose from!

One of the main advantages of our fragrance oils is that there are no fewer than seventy fragrances or fragrance combinations to choose from. They are carefully composed and designed by Scentchips®. Delightful fragrances that suit your tastes entirely. What about a mild strawberry fragrance? Or the scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers, or perhaps eucalyptus and mint. We also have special fragrance combinations and perfumes, comprising a blend of several fragrances with apt names. These include Excited Spring fragrance oil and Amazing Orient! Have you noticed that you are getting a bit fed up with one particular fragrance after a while? In that case simply order a different bottle of oil from our webshop. 

Get acquainted with Scentchips® products

The oils, fragrance diffusers and other products in our range can be conveniently ordered from our webshop. Reap the added benefit of swift delivery. If you order a product before 14:00 hours on a weekday, it will be dispatched the same day. You can therefore enjoy the most delightful fragrances in your own living room within just a few days! Our products are also available from numerous points of sale. Consult our shop locator to find a point of sale near you. 

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