How do I create a nice spring fragrance at home?

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The birds have started twittering again, the evenings are getting longer, the temperature is gradually rising and the flowers have come into bloom: Spring has finally sprung! The sunny spring days are more than welcome, following a bleak winter in which we spent much of our time indoors. High time for you to invite spring into your home! This blog explains how to create a delightful spring fragrance in your home using our products. Get inspired and smell the spring!

What are typical spring fragrances?

The thought of spring conjures up fresh and floral fragrances. The smells of freshly cut grass and the great outdoors. However, there is not one particular fragrance that is characteristic of spring. Everyone has their own sense of spring and therefore associates it with different things. One can therefore compose countless fragrance creations for spring. This also depends very much on your personal preferences and what feels familiar to you.

Invite spring into your home with fragrance candles

An effective way to bring the smell of spring into your home is to use fragrance candles. You will find numerous fragrance candles among our range that give you the feeling of spring. Those who appreciate a natural, floral or fruity fragrance can therefore indulge themselves here. How about a lovely eucalyptus & lavender fragrance candle in a jar? Or the scent of pure cotton? Once lit, this candle releases the delightful smell of freshly laundered bedclothes in combination with floral fragrances such as jasmine, lily and carnation. To us, this is the pure sense of spring!

Discover the other options available

Apart from our fragrance candles, you can also use our ScentOils to create a pleasant spring fragrance. These are fragrance oils that are diffused using our ScentLamps. You first have to light the wick, and once it is blown out the fragrance is released. In this case too, we have a variety of cheerful spring fragrances to choose from, such as wild flowers or cedar lemon. For ultimate convenience, you may prefer to purchase a fragrance machine. You can choose the fragrance yourself, of course, as well as setting the frequency of diffusion. This affords you the continuous pleasure of your favourite fragrance, while ensuring that it never becomes overpowering.

Composing your own spring fragrance

If you want to create your own spring fragrance, you can do so using our ScentChips and wax burners. After all, such a wax burner enables you to blend several types of ScentChip, thereby creating your very own fragrance. This yields a highly unique fragrance creation that you will never tire of! Moreover, it is fun to experiment with different fragrances when you are not sure which spring fragrance appeals to you the most. Our size S boxes are a great way of getting started. You can then conveniently expand to use larger boxes later. 

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