How does a ScentChips® oil burner work?

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A Scentchips® oil burner enables you to spread the most delightful fragrances in your home. Our oil burners, also known as ScentLamps, are available in a range of colours, fragrances and models. As soon as it is lit, the ScentLamp starts spreading the fragrance of the oil. Although we pay great attention to the safety and convenience of all our products, the operation of our oil burners is not always immediately clear to everyone. This blog explains how a Scentchips® oil burner works, how to use it safely and several important points for attention.

The operation of our oil burner explained

The oil burner can only be used together with fragrance oils, also known as ScentOils. As soon as it is lit, the ScentLamp starts spreading the fragrance of the oil. The porous stone in the ScentLamp absorbs the oil through the wick attached to it. ScentLamps work in much the same way as our ScentChips. In the oil variant, however, the fragrance is already in liquid form, which the ScentLamps then spread. In short, you light the wick and it will exude a delightful fragrance. 

The right way to use our ScentLamps

You do not need any specific knowledge or equipment to use your ScentLamp. As you will come into contact with oil when using your oil burner, however, it is certainly important that you use it properly. ScentOil is highly flammable! We have listed the most important points for you below:


- Never leave the bottle of ScentOil next to the ScentLamp when lighting the lamp.
- Never leave the bottle of ScentOil near a heat source.
- Do not leave the ScentLamp close to other highly flammable materials.
- Always close the ScentOil bottle properly after use to prevent the alcohol in the oil from evaporating.


Another important point is to take care when handling the oil burner shortly after use. The top becomes very hot after all. To avoid burning yourself when extinguishing the ScentLamp, we recommend that you hold the burner by the base.

Queries about the way it works? Get in touch

Our oil burners are safe to use. Due care and attention are nevertheless required, as they do involve the use of highly flammable substances. Provided you carefully observe the points listed above, you have nothing to fear. Enjoy a splendid decorative item in your home, which also spreads the most delightful fragrances. Have you any further questions about our products or the way they work? In that case, consult the list of frequently asked questions or contact us personally. 

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