How to create a fresh fragrance in my store

How to create a fresh fragrance in my store

As a store owner, you know how important the overall experience is for your customers. Besides the assortment and décor, the fragrance in your store plays a crucial role in creating an attractive and memorable environment. Customers often associate scents with memories and emotions, and you can use that to your advantage to create a positive scent experience. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can provide a fresh and inviting scent experience in your store, using scented products from Scentchips.

The power of scent experience in stores

The scent in your store is an underrated factor that can influence the mood and behavior of customers. A pleasant fragrance experience can create a sense of comfort and well-being, making customers want to stay in your store longer and more likely to make purchases.

Choosing the right store scent

It all starts with choosing the right in-store fragrance. Scentchips offers a wide range of delicious scents that are perfect for different types of stores and businesses. Whether you own a boutique, a bakery, a spa or a clothing store, there is always a store scent to suit you. Do you go for a fresh, natural scent, such as lavender or eucalyptus, or do you want a warm and inviting scent, such as vanilla or cinnamon?

Fragrance diffusers in your store

Fragrance diffusers, also known as aroma diffusers, are a powerful tool for creating the desired scent experience in your store. They spread the scent evenly and subtly, keeping customers from feeling overwhelmed. Here are some benefits of using aroma diffusers in your store:

  1. Constant scent experience: Fragrance diffusers provide a constant scent experience throughout the day.
  2. Customizability: Fragrance diffusers allow you to adjust the intensity of the scent to your preference. Whether you want a subtle hint of fragrance or a more intense scent experience, it's all possible.
  3. No mess: Unlike candles or fragrance oils, scent diffusers leave no mess. There are no drops of oil or soot stains to worry about.
  4. Safety: Scentchips scent diffusers are designed with safety in mind. They are easy to use and do not get too hot. This makes them safe to use even when your store is full of customers.

Scentchips for the perfect scent diffusion in your store

Scentchips offers not only scent diffusers, but also a wide range of fragrance products. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Scentchips wax melts: Wax melts are small, colorful pieces of wax that you can melt in a special Scentchips wax burner. They come in a variety of scents and colors.
  2. Fragrance oils: You can use fragrance oils in combination with oil burners for a long-lasting and pleasant store scent.
  3. Interior sprays: For a quick refresh of fragrance in stores, you can use scented interior sprays. These are handy to have on hand for unexpected situations, such as after cleaning or when unpleasant odors need to be removed.
  4. Fragrance sticks: Black fragrance sticks in a stylish glass holder with fragrance oil.

Business ordering account with Scentchips

If you are interested in using Scentchips fragrance products for your store, consider creating a business ordering account. With a business ordering account, you can take advantage of 20% off your purchases for your business. This is a great way to cut costs while providing your store with delicious fragrances.


Creating a pleasant fragrance experience in your store is a smart move that can increase your customers' satisfaction and influence their buying behavior. With Scentchips' fragrance products such as aroma diffusers, waxmelts, fragrance oils, scented sticks and interior sprays, you can easily achieve the desired scent in your store. Don't forget to create a business order account to take advantage of 20% off your purchases at Scentchips!

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