Mask a musty household smell using air freshener

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While everyone likes to have a clean and fresh-smelling house, we can’t always prevent the occasional musty household smell from popping up unfortunately. The smell may arise due to cooking odours or human perspiration. Whatever the cause, you naturally want to get rid of it quickly. But how do you do so? While opening the windows sometimes offers relief, it is not always the best solution. During the cold winter months in particular, opening your windows is not a great idea if you are also keen to keep the heat in. And just how effective are the air fresheners widely used in an attempt to counteract such odours? And what are the alternatives? This blog explains all about them.

The disadvantages of air freshener

While air fresheners are designed to combat unpleasant and musty household smells, they do not always succeed in doing so. And despite the fact that they often are named after natural fragrances, these substances usually smell anything but natural. Moreover, the perfumes used in such agents can lead to a fragrance allergy. This causes irritation and is detrimental to your health. Another complication involved in the use of air fresheners is the means by which they are spread. Furthermore, how do you ensure that the fresh fragrance lingers for some time? After all, no one wants to stroll around spraying an aerosol every 15 minutes.

A sound alternative

Fortunately, there is a sound alternative with which to dispel the musty household smell. Are you looking for a remedy that comprises natural products? If so, then Scentchips® brand fragrance chips are just the thing for you. These chips consist of wax, which melts when you put them in a special ScentBurner. As they melt, the chips release a pleasant and natural fragrance that remains in the room for up to eight hours. You simply choose your favourite chips from a range of over 120 different fragrances and mix them any way you wish. A musty household smell becomes a thing of the past thanks to ScentChips: the ideal alternative to air freshener.

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Would you also like to get acquainted with ScentChips? In that case, simply order a box of at least eight today, to try out one of the numerous combinations possible. You can either order them online from our webshop, or one of the various points of sale in your area.

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