Ridding your home of that unpleasant doggy smell

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As a dog owner, you can hardly escape it: the (whole) house smells of the dog. Fortunately, there are numerous of ways of minimising the smell or even expelling it from your home nowadays. After all, everyone wants their home to smell fresh and clean. This article provides a number of handy tips to help rid your home of that unpleasant doggy smell.

Regularly ventilate your home

One of the simplest measures you can take as a dog owner is to open windows and doors. Daily ventilation helps to prevent an unpleasant dog smell. It is also advisable to thoroughly ventilate rooms where the dog spends any length of time.

Use fragrance candles or chips

The use of fragrance candles or fragrance chips, enables you to kill two birds with one stone. These household accessories not only make your home smell more pleasant by expelling the dog odour, but they also add both ambience and decorative accents. Scentchips® fragrance candles are highly effective when it comes to masking and neutralising dog odours. Furthermore, the range of fragrances available enables you to compose your own fragrance creations. The place always smells good therefore.

Use fragrance oil

Besides fragrance candles and chips, fragrance oils are also available. These are fragrances that are spread by means of oil. Scentchips® has no fewer than 86 different oil fragrances. You can therefore be sure that there is a fragrance to suit any taste. To diffuse the fragrance, the wick first has to be lit and then blown out. Only then is the fragrance released. This is yet another way to get rid of the dog smell.

Dry the dog thoroughly

Perhaps the most unpleasant of smells is that of a wet dog. Therefore, always thoroughly dry your dog after a walk or whenever it has been in contact with (ditch) water. It works best if you dry the dog as soon it emerges from the water.

Wash your dog with special shampoo

In addition, use a quality shampoo when washing the dog. An unkempt dog usually smells even worse. There are special shampoos available that are not harmful to dogs. These use active oxygen to counteract the cause of the unpleasant smell

Apply various measures

A combination of various measures needs to be applied to rid your home of that dog odour once and for all. Ventilate your home daily, groom your dog using quality products, and neutralise unpleasant odours using Scentchips® fragrance creations. Scentchips® products can be conveniently ordered online. Discover our extensive range of fragrance products. We ensure that orders are delivered to your home as soon as possible! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

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