Room spray: a fresh smelling home within seconds

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Home comfort depends on numerous factors. Is the room temperature pleasant, is sound adequately absorbed, do you sink comfortably into your corner sofa and is the room clean?  The same applies to household smells. You may not notice it yourself if you have spent some time in the room, but the moment you enter a room where there is a musty smell, it strikes you straight away. When there is a clear cause for an unpleasant smell, it is advisable to deal with it as soon as possible. In addition, a room spray enables you to neutralise the smell immediately, or even make the room smell delightfully fresh again.

A room spray makes a huge difference.

Smell has a massive influence on the atmosphere in a house. However, it is not that simple to make your room smell fresh every day. There are too many factors that are largely beyond your control, such as the smell of your pet, cooking smells and body odours after a long day at work or participating in sport. Although airing the room naturally helps, it also has its drawbacks. On a winter’s day you would prefer to keep the heat in, of course. A room spray offers a solution in that case. Just one or two puffs are sufficient to make your living room, bedroom, or even the toilet smell of wood, flowers or oriental spices once again. You notice the difference immediately, while the effect is also long-lasting. 

Room spray with a touch of class

Room sprays are often mistaken for the air fresheners available at any supermarket or chemist’s shop. Such air fresheners contain large quantities of chemical substances that mask odours, however, while they do not generally smell particularly pleasant or fresh themselves. Scentchips® room sprays, on the other hand, are specifically designed to lend your living room or bedroom a heavenly, fresh fragrance. One puff of a room spray is all it takes to trigger a fragrance explosion in your room. This strong olfactory sensation is both long-lasting and smells completely natural.

Choose one of the numerous fragrances.

There is no accounting for taste. Scentchips® therefore offers a variety of room spray fragrances, such as:

- Royal Amber, the delightful smell of juniper, cardamom and dark amber
- Oriental Rose, a powdery and spicy fragrance, with hints of lavender and violet
- Miss Coco, the refreshing scent of sweet orchid, magnolia, and ylang ylang

The official Scentchips® webshop for the most delightful fragrances

In addition to our collection of room sprays, our official Scentchips® webshop contains many other scented products, such as fragrance chips, fragrance oil and fragrance sticks. This rich assortment of fragrances in various shapes and sizes means that you can now enjoy your favourite fragrances in the form you prefer. Of course, you can also combine the different products. Relax on your night off with melting fragrance chips and a good book, or use a puff or two of room spray when visitors turn up unexpectedly. View the various product types and fragrances on our website and order directly online.

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