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It is always a struggle. Your best friend’s birthday is in a fortnight, and you therefore have to come up with a suitable gift of course. Furthermore, the fact that it has to remain a surprise doesn’t make things any easier. You carefully consider all the possibilities. The hackneyed bunch of flowers for the fifth year in a row is not an option, nor is a dinner voucher really. You are looking for something different that you know will also be appreciated. Scentchips® ScentGifts are the perfect present in that case. A Scentchips® gift set is not only lovely to receive, but also great fun to give. It is bound to surprise the recipient, while the range of 120 fragrances offers plenty of options. 

A unique gift

Of course, the term gift set leaves much to the imagination. You do want to know in advance exactly what you are giving. You therefore have option of either giving a standard gift set or compiling one to meet your own requirements. Our standard gift sets are suitable for any occasion. Is it a birthday, Valentine’s Day, a Christmas present or a surprise for your mother on Mother’s Day? We have something to suit them all. Are you curious to know what a gift set contains? Let us explain using the example of the ‘Special Perfume 9x16 fragrance chips gift set’ described in the next paragraph.

Special Perfume gift set 

A total of 144 delicious perfume scents, featuring nine different fragrances. You therefore receive sixteen chips of each fragrance. The fragrance chips need to be melted in a proper ScentBurner. This is a wax burner, which holds a tea light that makes the ScentChips melt. The ScentChips are made of wax. Once the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the ScentChips melt and release their fragrance. The pungency of this fragrance depends very much on the quantity of fragrance chips you use. If you have a large ScentBurner that holds numerous ScentChips, you can enjoy the lingering fragrance for quite some time. For example, three ScentChips will continue to exude fragrance for eight hours on end. Our 9x16 gift sets therefore assure you of approximately 384 hours burn time in total. This is equivalent to more than two full weeks of fragrance in your home! 

Fragrance advice 

Scentchips® has a fragrance collection comprising six categories. These are flower, fruit, nature, oriental, perfume and winter. Each of these categories is also subdivided into various types of fragrance. For instance, the fruit category fragrances include ‘cherry’, ‘apple’, ‘peach’ and ‘blood orange’. 


Are you curious about the full range of Scentchips®, or would you like to learn more about the world of fragrance? Our website offers you to conveniently discover the possibilities available, step by step. This is a handy way to get additional inspiration, with a view to ultimately finding the perfect gift for a close friend, or just for yourself if you wish. All Scentchips® products are available both from our webshop and in our physical shop in Den Bosch.  

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