The 5 best spring fragrance candles

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Spring is already upon us. The days are getting longer, the temperature is on the rise and the great outdoors smells of fresh herbs. Want to introduce the fragrance of spring to your own home? The best way of doing so is using the five most delightful fragrance candles for spring. Those who appreciate a natural, floral or fruity fragrance can therefore indulge themselves here. Once lit, this candle releases the most heavenly fragrances. This blog explains which are the five best scented candles for spring.

Spring fragrances for your home

As with perfume, one’s choice of a fragrance candle is highly personal. Another person might never consider lighting the one that you find heavenly. Furthermore, everyone has their own associations with spring. While one person may immediately think of freshly mown grass, that delightful smell of a wild flower meadow springs to the other’s mind. Typical spring fragrances are indeed difficult to define. They are often fresh, floral and fruity fragrances. Fortunately, we have succeeded in capturing all these lovely fragrances for you in our fragrance candles. This enables you to introduce spring to your home, even on a dismal day. We’ve listed the five best ones for you:

Wild Flowers Fragrance Candle

This pale pink fragrance candle is an outstanding example of a spring candle. It has a musky, sweet fragrance combined with white flowers, rose and citrus. You can certainly introduce spring to your home with this delightful Wild Flowers Fragrance Candle.


Lavender & Jasmine Fragrance Candle

Are you familiar with those stunning pictures of vast lavender fields taken in France? And those pearly white star-shaped flowers with that distinct fragrance, which makes you linger endlessly? We have succeeded in capturing both the heavenly fragrance of a lavender field and the pungent freshness of jasmine in a delightful fragrance candle. This candle is an absolute must when it comes to creating a sense of spring in your home. The Lavender & Jasmine Fragrance Candle can be found here.


Belle Vie Fragrance Candle

When you celebrate spring… You celebrate life itself! Celebrate spring with this delightful fragrance combination of jasmine, iris and orange blossom. Once you have tried these candles, you will want to burn them all day long. » Belle Vie Fragrance Candle.


Pure Cotton Fragrance Candle 

You know that feeling of a newly made bed? The smell of freshly laundered sheets that you would love to spend the whole day between. We have succeeded in capturing that smell for you in one of our delightful fragrance candles. Once lit, this Pure Cotton Fragrance Candle releases the delightful smell of freshly laundered bedclothes in combination with floral fragrances such as jasmine, lily and carnation.

Freesia & Lychee Fragrance Candle

While the name of this candle already conjures up visions of spring, its heavenly fragrance is also the epitome of spring. It features a blend of the floral fragrances of rose, magnolia, lily-of-the-valley and a hint of amber. Order the Freesia & Lychee Fragrance Candle here.


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