These fragrances are perfect for summer

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Summer is in full swing. What makes this sunny period so special are the delightful fragrances that the season has to offer us. The smells of blooming flowers, grass and mature trees combined with the pleasant summer breeze and the sun shining down on you: the best fragrance creations are coming your way. It is not without reason that many fragrances are inspired by the typical smells of summer. Would you like to know which fragrances are perfect for summer? We have selected our top five fragrances for you!


The smell of citrus is often associated with summer. You come across citrus in countless places. This is due to its fresh and scintillating fragrance notes. From the slice of lemon in your cocktail to the smell of your favourite holiday destination; the smell of citrus becomes highly abundant as temperatures rise. Another important benefit of a citrus fragrance is that it keeps insects such as mosquitoes at bay. 


Bergamot is a small citrus fruit originating from Italy. The smell of bergamot is best described as citrusy and tangy. A complex fragrance with a spicy undertone. Bergamot’s blend of spicy and fruity scents makes it highly suitable fragrance for summer.


Coconut introduces a true sense of summer to your home. While we generally think that this exotic fragrance smells good all year round, coconut really comes into its own in summer. Its sweet scent is reminiscent of suntan lotion, the beach and the most delicious cocktails. Are you looking for a relaxing fragrance for your home? If so, coconut is definitely worth considering.

Tropical fruit

Besides coconut, other tropical fruit fragrances are highly popular during the summer. A blend of mango and papaya, for example, creates a distinct summer atmosphere. All fruit fragrances basically work well in summer. Melon, peach and pineapple are but a few good examples.


The thought of summer conjures up the idea of sun, sea and sand. Create that holiday feeling in your own home by opting for the fragrance of the ocean. Simply close your eyes for a moment to vividly imagine that you are actually sitting on a beach. There is no better sense of a summer feeling than that. 

Compose your own summery fragrance creation

Scentchips® offers you the opportunity to compose your own summery fragrance creation. You can do so by combining different scent chips or scent sticks with each other. The only thing you need is a stick burner or wax burner in which to melt them. Would you like to find out more about composing your own fragrance creations? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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