This is how to create a unique fragrance at home

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Perhaps you never really thought about it before, but you can achieve a great deal using fragrance. For instance, a particular fragrance can both improve the ambience and minimise negative feelings. Regardless of whether you are at home, in the office or any other place, the right fragrance can contribute positively to your state of mind. Furthermore, smells are often linked to memories. The more often you are exposed to a certain smell, the stronger the emotional bond becomes. The following blog explains how you can create a unique fragrance experience at home using Scentchips® products.  

Creating a unique fragrance experience in your own home using fragrance sticks.

ScentSticks are coloured sticks of wax. To spread the delightful fragrance in your home, simply heat the ScentSticks by placing a tea light in a ScentStickBurner. There are 24 different ScentSticks in total, each with its own unique colour and fragrance. To fully release the fragrance, place at least three fragrance sticks in the ScentStickBurner. While you can use three of the same type, you may wish to experiment using different combinations of fragrances. This enables you to create your own unique fragrance experience. Keen on floral fragrances? If so, try one eucalyptus & lavender, one orchid and one rose ScentStick together. A marvellous fragrance experience awaits you. Three fragrance sticks are sufficient to enjoy up to 12 hours of the most delightful fragrance creations. 

Everyone can learn to blend

Besides these delightful aroma sticks, our fragrance chips or ScentChips are very popular. Not only do these wax chips smell particularly pleasant, they also look highly appealing. The wax chips need to be heated in a tea light burner. As there are 133 different fragrances available, you are bound to find at least a few to your liking. ScentChips fragrances can also be combined. After all, everyone can learn to blend. Having difficulty composing your unique fragrance experience? In that case, first try out various fragrance chips individually. Scentchips® supplies fragrance chips in various sizes of boxes. Box S contains 8, box M has 13, box L 26, and box XL contains 38 ScentChips. This enables you to discover which fragrances appeal to you the most, before proceeding to create your own unique fragrance experience. 

Discover the entire Scentchips® range

In addition to the delightful ScentSticks and ScentChips, you can conveniently order other products such as fragrance candles or fragrance oils and many more items from our online shop. Can you order before 14:00 hours on a working day? If so, then your order will be shipped the same day. You can therefore start enjoying your own fragrance creations within just a few days. All our products can also be purchased in one of our shops. Consult our shop locator to find a point of sale near you. 

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