Best fragrances for winter

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We are poised to enter the cold months of winter again. A period in which we prefer to stay in our warm homes as long as possible. We also sit at the table more often and for longer periods of time, while enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner for example. The time has therefore come to bring some extra warmth and cosiness into the house. The most convenient way of doing so? Light some fragrance candles and place them in a pretty candle holder. This lends your home more ambience, while also serving as an eye-catching centrepiece on the table. This time, we want to tell you more about the best scented candles for winter.

Winter fragrances in your home

Just the mention of winter fragrances immediately conjures up the delightful smell of a crackling log fire in the hearth, a steaming mug of hot chocolate or the typical scent of cinnamon or cloves. There is nothing nicer than coming home to a warm house that exudes such a pleasant fragrance... We at Scentchips® fully understand this. We have therefore compiled a selection of our most delightful fragrance candles, also known as ScentCandles, for the winter season:

  1. Dinner Candle Musk: Exudes the delightful fragrances of bergamot, roses and pine trees. Recline in your chair and revel the fragrance sensation.
  2. Dinner Candle Oak & Hazel: These spicy aromas with a hint of wood and vetiver are characteristic of a winter fragrance.
  3. Dinner Candle Musk & Fresh Wood: This scented candle has a slightly sweet woody scent combined with a hint of black pepper.
  4. Dinner Candle Vanilla: Vanilla is also right at home on our list of winter fragrances. The sweet scent of vanilla and mild spicy notes exude a warm fragrance.
  5. Dinner Candle Driftwood: This fragrance candle has a distinct strong woody scent.
  6. Dinner Candle Relax Aroma: A relax fragrance basically suits any occasion. This one exudes spicy and oriental fragrances.

Create a fragrance blend

If you are keen on several fragrances or enjoy blending them, you may also like to try combining fragrance candles. You can either spread them throughout the room or light them next to each other. Furthermore, placing fragrance candles in different types of holder lends warm decorative accents to your interior. Which winter fragrance blend is your favourite?

Additional information

Regardless of whether you’re holding a long after-dinner chat or a drinks party at home, you needn’t worry that the candles will burn out after an hour. On average, our fragrance candles burn for 25 hours! All these dinner candles are 30cm high and 30cm thick.

Order directly from our webshop

Scentchips® has a wide range of fragrance candles for winter. You can conveniently order fragrance candles online. Did you place your order before 14:00 hours on a working day? We have good news! In that case, it will be shipped the same day. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries or require advice about fragrance candles.

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