The benefits of using ScentMoods

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Your own home is the place to relax and unwind. You can briefly indulge yourself by taking a hot bath, reading a book or listening to your favourite music. Or by simply doing nothing at all. However, you may also opt to buy a fragrance machine, which we call ScentMoods. This blog explains both the benefits of using ScentMoods and the effect it has on your wellbeing. 

What is a ScentMoods fragrance machine?

Our ScentMoods are fragrance machines that are easy to use. You simply insert a bottle of oil in the machine. You can choose the fragrance of the oil yourself. We have an extensive collection of the most delightful fragrances. The bottle is connected to the diffuser, which is slightly smaller for home users than in the commercial model, as it usually serves a smaller space. The fragrances contained in the ScentMoods fragrance machine are dispersed at pre-set intervals throughout the day. You can therefore always enjoy a fragrance that is pleasant, yet not overpowering, in either your home or office. As our fragrance machines are designed to be stylish yet as compact as possible, you can readily accommodate them in various spots throughout your home.

The effect of ScentMoods on your wellbeing

The fragrance exuded by a ScentMoods machine can have a positive effect on your wellbeing and mood. For instance, lavender has a calming effect, while citrus fragrances often remind us of a clean and fresh environment. A particular scent can therefore evoke certain feelings or emotions in you; this is also known as aromatherapy. Moreover, fragrances bring back certain memories. You might perhaps associate the smell of smouldering wood with the pleasant memory of a splendid skiing holiday. So whenever you smell it again later, you relive that same pleasant feeling. Pleasant fragrances also have a welcoming effect on customers or visitors to your shop, thereby creating a pleasant shopping experience. 

Ample choice of fragrances

An extensive range of fragrance oils suitable for our ScentMoods machines is available from our webshop. There is bound to be one among them that you simply can’t get enough of. And thanks to our ScentMood subscription, you will never have to go without your favourite fragrance again. For a fixed monthly fee, we will send you the oils you prefer. You can therefore rest assured of a limitless supply of heavenly fragrances to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Which fragrance is your favourite?

Is there one among them that really grabs you? In that case, you can simply order it from us online. The ScentMoods can also be ordered without a subscription, which is ideal if you are still experimenting with various blends. Have you any remaining queries about the ScentMoods, or do you need fragrance advice? In that case, please contact our customer service department. Our team of specialists remains at your disposal!

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