This is where fragrance sticks come into their own

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From a fresh and fruity fragrance to the smell of fresh wood. Fragrance sticks are a highly popular household item nowadays. Not only do they smell incredibly pleasant, they also add to the aesthetics of one’s interior. Unfortunately, these sticks eventually lose their fragrance. You naturally want them to continue properly spreading their fragrance throughout the room for as long as possible. We can tell you where best to place fragrance sticks for optimal fragrance diffusion. 

An explanation of the way fragrance sticks work

To get a better idea of the importance of correctly placing ScentSticks or fragrance sticks, it is vital that you understand just how they work. Scentchips® ScentSticks exude fragrance when heated by a tea light. You place the sticks in the appropriate Stick Burner then light the wick. A lovely smelling fragrance then spreads throughout your home. You need to put at least three fragrance sticks in the burner to achieve the best result. You can also combine different sticks with each other to create your own unique fragrance experience. Of course, adding a larger number sticks is also an option. Simply experiment until you find the fragrance that appeals to you the most.

The surroundings of the fragrance sticks play a major role

Scented sticks can be placed and lit in any room. However, there are a number of places in the home that are more suitable for this purpose. The living room, bathroom and toilet are the most common and therefore also suitable spaces for fragrance sticks. Moreover, these are the areas of people’s homes where they move around most. Their movement creates air currents. And this is what spreads the fragrance. We therefore recommend that you place your fragrance sticks in the locations you pass through the most. You can then be sure that the fragrance will be diffused thoroughly in your home. Take care to put the fragrance sticks in a safe place, however. It would be such a shame if the burner were to fall and break.

Tips on choosing a suitable spot

Now that you know in which rooms you can best place the fragrance sticks, there are a few things to consider when choosing a suitable spot. Do you want your fragrance sticks in the living room? Do not place them on the windowsill or close to a radiator or fire. Sun and heat can have an adverse effect on diffusion, and even the fragrance itself. They may cause it to both change and run out quicker. Choose a spot on a sideboard or shelf on the wall therefore. The fragrance sticks will truly come into their own there. 

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